Final week of session 2018/19

I cannot believe this is the last week of the school year, it has flown by so fast!

Thank you so much for all the lovely gifts but moreso for all the wonderfully kind and thoughtful words and messages I have received over these past few weeks. I will remember Mulbuie with great fondness, so for that, thank you.

Have a wonderful summer and enjoy your break, if you see me on the street – please say hello!


Week Ten

We looked at how to safe near water and the beach this week. It was good to see how much the pupils remembered from our sun safety assembly.

What fantastic weather we had for our Cluster Day at Ferintosh, I think it is safe to say that everybody enjoyed it. The pupils have started to make friends with other small schools in the area, which will pay dividends when they go to the Academy in a few years. Mrs Stevenson arranged a bug hunt, a camouflage task (they had to camouflage a toilet roll), find all the camouflaged toilet rolls and den making for their teddies. It was fabulous fun.

We do not have any star handwriters, star writers or star of the week this week.

Week Nine

We have been using these songs this week for counting in 2s, 5s, 10s and counting to 100. We have been using five frames to help us with out five times tables.


We looked at the homework posters and the class talked about the facts they had learned. The most popular fact was that Dunrobin Castle has 189 rooms! We had a taste of Medieval food. We tried cabbage pottage, mashed peas, oatcakes and gingerbread. The most popular were the cabbage pottage and the gingerbread with some coming back for seconds, thirds and even fourths! Everybody tried at least one dish. You can see how everyone felt about each dish – very mixed reactions!

In literacy, as we have finished our class novel The Creakers by Tom Fletcher, we looked at describing their own creaker using similes. As scary as a zombie. Teeth as sharp as a sword. Skin that smelled like a banana skin. These are just a few of the ones the class used within their writing.

We had a lovely morning over at Ferintosh for our sports day. The weather was kind and all the pupils showed great sportsmanship. Everybody enjoyed themselves.

Here we have our handwriter and our star writer of the week. And last but not least… our star of the week!

Week Eight

We have been continuing to work on our two times tables multiplication bonds and introduce five times table. We are continuing to count in 2s and 5s and use an active counting by 5s song.

In literacy we have been telling our stories to each other from our story maps before we start writing. There were lots of really hard working pupils in the classroom this week!


In our castle topic, we sang a song that helped us remember the different parts of a castle and we listened to medieval Scottish music from here and here. The pupils found the rhythm and enjoyed a dance around the classroom!

Here we have our hand writer of the week and our star writers of the week. We also have a star of the week but don’t have a photo we can post online.

Week Seven

We have been ordering the seasons, months of the year and the days of the week this week. We have had good fun with this active months song.

We have been looking at how our behaviour can influence how other’s can feel. If we are a bucket filler we make someone feel good by doing good deeds, saying kind things and with kinds actions – this means we fill our bucket too when we do this and nit make us feel good too. However, if we are a bucket dipper, and we are unkind or say and do unkind things, then not only do we dip others’ buckets we dip our own bucket too. If we are always dipping buckets we might struggle to have friends but we can change this by being a bucket filler! Being a bucket filler makes us feel better about others and ourselves.

We had a star in the classroom today, this young chap won this trophy for being a great goalie at football. He is very proud of himself and couldn’t wait to show of his trophy!

Here we have our hand writer of the week and our three star writers (again, I could not choose just two!). And, last but not least, our star writer of the week!

Week Six

In PE, we have been revisiting our skills of throwing, skipping, hula hooping and dribbling a ball. They have all shown great improvement by Giving it a Go!

In maths, we have been using a variety of activities to improve our fluency of number facts from the two times tables.

In literacy, we have been looking at graphemes with the sound s. During topic, the class looked at how they could invent something that would help a knight save a dragon. We concentrated on the features of our inventions, not fictional writing this week. We also read The Snail and the Whale, we listened for rhymes and we made origami whales by using listening skills and following instructions.

In art, we looked at Kandinsky’s paintings- how colours can make us feel and explained why we liked the paintings (or not). The class then used their colour mixing skills to create their own masterpieces. Kandinsky liked to listen to music – so we did too!

We welcome a new pupil to our class, she will be here until the summer, we hope she enjoys her time at Mulbuie! Here we have our star hand writer, our three star writers (it was just too difficult to choose two this week) and last but not least… our star of the week!

Week Five

The class have finished their shields and are up on the wall

The class had a fantastic trip to Urquhurt Castle. We learned what shoes and armour they wore, what utensils they used to eat and drink from and the history of the castle. The guide more than once said how polite and well behaved they all were.

We say goodbye to Mr MacDonald this week. We wish him all the very best for his teaching career.

Here we have our hand writer and star writers of the week and last but not least… our star of the week!