Week Four

There are not many photos this week as I have not been in class, but I can assure you that everyone has been working hard with Mr MacDonald.

They have been gaining dividing skills in maths and team work skills in PE. In literacy, the class have been working on creating a story map of their own version of The Little Red Hen, and as part of topic they have been designing and making their own shields.

I did manage to pop into class for these photos. Here we have our hand writer of the week, our star writers of the week and last but not least… our star of the week!


Week Three

We welcome back Mr MacDonald to our class. Pupils have been looking forward to him returning!

In maths, we have been continuing counting objects in sets of two, individually discovering what different numbers times by two can make.

We have been looking at the f sound and the different spellings we use. We have rewritten the story of The Little Red Hen, first creating a story map then writing it down.

We have a new body in the classroom – a knight! The class have been learning about a knight’s armour. Mr MacDonald traced around a pupil and they made the different pieces of armour.

Here, we have our star handwriters of the week, our star writers of the week ( they were so good I had to choose three this week!) and last but not least…. our star of the week!

Week Two

We had to make the most of the glorious sunshine on Monday. There were stations with hula hoops, skipping, throwing and dribbling. Everyone tried really hard to learn new skills. We will continue these tasks later in the term.

In literacy, we are getting to know discovery stories. We looked at this short film. We discussed what was found, what happened next and what the girl did at the end of the film. We retold the story of The Little Red Hen using actions to help us remember the story. We have also been looking at by, buy and bye, how they are spelled and their different meanings and using them in sentences orally. We have been looking at spelling words with the th sound this week.

The class have, in pairs, been working out the value of a number times two. We have been continuing with our counting songs as this helps to remember the next number when we are counting.

In our topic, Castles, we investigated why there was castles, what defences they had and what the different parts of a castle were called.


We looked at primary colours and how they mix together to make secondary colours. We will be developing this later in the term.

And, here we have our handwriter of the week, star writers of the week and last but not least… our star of the week!

Welcome back! Week one summer term

It was so lovely to see the enthusiasm from all the pupils on Tuesday. They were so excited to see their friends again after the holidays.

In Maths this week we have been working on skip counting in 2s, 5s and 10s. We have started to count in 2s using counters and the class are getting confident in this. We worked on number bonds to 10 in a quick fire round of hit the button, they are getting much faster! As part of the nursery transition they came over and we enjoyed the counting songs above and these more active ones! 1 to 100 and counting in 2s

In literacy we have been looking at the ‘sh’ sound made by these digrapghs, ti, si and trigraph ssi. We also looked at the homophones to, too and two. We had some fun making up sentences with these. Tyree came up with a sentence including all three!

We were sad this week to say goodbye to Jasmine, we wish her well in her new school. The class will miss her.

Here we have our handwriter, star writers and last but not least… our star of the week.

Week Thirteen

In numeracy this week we have been looking at why some numbers are odd and some are even. We have discovered that even numbers can be split evenly into two numbers. Odd numbers cannot be split into two even numbers -they split into one odd number and one even number. Any number that ends 0, 2, 4, 6 or 8 is an even number – no matter how large the number is, even 5346! Any lumber that ends in 1, 3, 5, 7 or 9 – 9999. We have been looking at the patterns odd and even numbers make on the number splat grid.

We have also been looking at counting to 100, counting in 2s, counting in 5s and counting in 10s.

In literacy we have creating our own version of The Three Little Pigs by changing one part of it and creating a new character. The stories were fantastic this week. Have a look at their storymap planning and characters.

We did some spring crafting – we made some fluffy lambs. Don’t they look great? Each one is so different.

And here we have our two star writers of the week and last but not least…..star of the week!

Have a wonderful Easter holiday and come back nice and refreshed and ready to learn!

Week twelve

We had a technology day in Mulbuie Primary this week. The day started with an assembly about technology. Technology is something made by humans to solve a problem or make life easier.

Before break the class had four challenges. The first was design a race track, they had to draw it first then build it. It had to contain cardboard tubes.

The next one was build a shelter for a Lego person, it had to have a door.

They also had to build towers out or jelly beans and cocktails sticks. It had to be 3 cocktail sticks high.

The last challenge was to build a wall with egg boxes.

The whole school challenge task in P1-2 was to build a launcher for a soldier using only
one cup, one army man, one spoon, six lolly sticks, two rubber bands, 60cm of masking tape and 60cm of string. They did not have to use all of the materials, but they did need to use at least 2. Every group managed to make their solider move or fly.

Outside the whole school task was to make a maze and make a paper aeroplane. The furthest plane managed over 12m!

A great day was had by all, look at the other blog pages to see what their whole school tasks were.

Skills that pupils in P1-2 are developing and working towards are…

Using tools, equipment, software and materials. Using scissors, glue sticks, stapler, choosing materials and explaining choices. Make models in a variety of ways.

Curiosity and problem solving. Explore and experiment, ask questions, identify problems and contribute to a solution.

Creativity and Innovation. Use a range of materials to make a model, use a range of materials to design and make simple products. Explore sustainability through up-cycling products.

Evaluating procedures, systems and services. Talk about something they have made, about the functions of the features. Understand simple mechanisms and structures and evaluate simple products.

Here we have our handwriter and star writers of the week. Last but not least … our star of the week!

Week Eleven

The class have been continuing to work on money this week. Some are working on counting coins and others are working out change.

We have been looking at overcoming the monster stories in our writing. This week the class have been creating their own story maps of The Three Little Pigs. This helps pupils to remember the story when they write about it.

We have been looking at what foods are healthy and why they are healthy this week.

P 1-2 have started a class notice board. This is for things we would like to share with the rest of the class. It is looking a little bit boring at the moment. Please feel free to send in pictures with your child for this board. Mrs Carmichael will be bringing in photos of her pets.

Some of the class have been enjoying the shinty after school club. I am very pleased to report that they have all behaved very well and have given their all during the past few weeks. A reminder that Monday 25th is the last day of the shinty club. A huge that you to those involved in running the club!

Here we have our hand writer of the week, our two star writers and last but not least … our star of the week!