Week six

As part of our whole school topic Be the change you want to see we have looked at a global charity and also how we can impact our local community in a positive way. I am overwhelmed and humbled by my class. They have shown empathy and understanding towards others this term, with comments such as ‘It makes you feel good to help others.’ They were very proud of themselves bringing in donations for the Dingwall food bank and understood the difference that their donations could make to local families.  They have also raised over £50 for the World Wide Fund for Nature by either donating  their pocket money or earning money by doing chores. This money is going towards sponsoring a class animal. We are looking forward to our new addition.  After looking at saving energy and how we can ask do our bit to help the environment they all want to be the one who switches off the classroom lights!


The sound blending game Bucketdump was out again this week – with lots of hilarity and learning!

Here are our star writers and handwriter of the week and of course… last but not least our star of the week!


Week five

Another busy week, we’re still working on subtraction in maths. Some are working on subtraction units of ten from numbers within 100 with others are gaining confidence of subtraction within 10.

We learned about how St Andrew became the patron saint of Scotland. The class made Saltire flags using tissue paper while listening to Scottish ceilidh music. They had lots of fun and danced around the class when they had finished their flags.

Here are our handwriter and star writers of the week. And, last but not least – our star of the week!

Week four

With both Scottish Book Week and World Nursery Rhyme Week both on at the same time it has been a very busy week! Joolz arrived from the library for the book week and read stories from both the primary one packs and the primary two packs. All the pupils really enjoyed themselves and were enthralled!

For PE we worked on creativity and control of our bodies through expressive dance. Using both this verse from a poem and music.

The snow kept falling through the night,

Crystal flakes of shimmering white

Come gently drifting, floating down,

Upon the silent sleeping town.

We pretended we were snowflakes falling to the ground and we used a sequence of dance moves. They used very calm movements and quiet footsteps

During the week we looked at subtraction with 5/10/20, this will be leading on to bigger numbers next week, we played a subitizing game to improve quick mental addition and visualisation. This was a lot of fun.

On Monday the rhyme was ‘5 currant buns’ – we did a little finger rhyme that day. It was the perfect end to a literacy session after the visit from Joolz. On Tuesday we looked at ‘Humpty Dumpty.’ We fixed Humpty together again.

We then looked at ‘I’m a little teapot’ and made tipping teapots.

On the last day of the week we had ‘Round and Round the Garden’ we clapped in time to the rhythm which some found easier than others to do. The last activity this week was to make flower bouquets.   Throughout this week the pupils have been working on fine motor control, rhythm, rhyme, homophones, singing and using that in therir literacy. There was some wonderful writing about who pushed Humpty on Tuesday.

We have our literacy stars next, handwriter and star writers of the week.

Our sensory play this week was a box with a surprise – stress balls, but with different fillings. This was popular and they took a long time guessing what was in them – until they burst. Ah well, they had fun while they lasted!

And last but not least – our star of the week!


Week Three

Can’t believe it’s the end of week three already.

During PE the class were traveling around the hall in different ways and practising their balancing skills using hula hoops. They had to find as many ways to balance  with only 2/3/4 parts of their body touching the floor. As you can see, there were some imaginative poses. After that, they then used their creative skills to see what else they could do with a hula hoop. Lots of fun was had.

During maths we started work on subtracting, some of the class started work using playdoh and subtraction splat. Working towards following a number sentence and using teddy bear counters they managed to work out the answers for sums within 5 or 10. The rest of the class was working on increasing fluency of subtraction within 20 – some used counters to support their calculations. As with last week we counted to and back from 100 and worked on our subitizing.


Our school topic this term is citizenship and looking at supporting an aspect of our local community and to find out more about a global charity. The class chose Dingwall Food Bank  and the World Wide Fund for Nature. We will  be donating to the food bank and finding out a bit more later on in the term.  For the WWF we will be focusing on climate change through looking at polar bears.  We are hoping to do a sponsored silence to raise money to sponsor a class polar bear. We are started looking at the WWF this week and have been using  it as a source for literacy. The class generated a bank of fantastic words during oral literacy and used some of them in their writing. We worked on some of the alternative short ‘o’ sounds this week. Here are our star writers of the week and our handwriter of the week.

We had a very messy play this week where the class piped paint on to their pieces of paper. They all had fun and the class was VERY quiet  with concentration. I’ll try something less messy next week!

We have been working hard on our nativity this week and we had the nursery join us for singing  – they will be joining us weekly.

And last but not least – our star of the week!


Week two

We have had a busy week. We were investigating with numbers this week. How many ways can you make a number, using adding and subtraction? We have been looking at sorting addition and subtraction  number sentences with answers up to 9.

We have been continuing counting to 100 and counting back from 100. The class have been really enjoying practising recognising numbers to 10 as quickly as possible.

Here are the words that the class have generated during our spelling lessons this week, alongside our handwriter of the week and our two star writers of the week.

We had our first messy sensory play area during Golden Time – it was very popular!

As it is 100 years since Armistice Day, we looked a short film called Poppies. We then made a poppy wreath using our fine motor skills by drawing and cutting out lots of poppies. It looks fantastic and if you visit the school look for it in the corridor by the memorial plaque near the front door.

And last but not least… our star of the week!



Start of the Christmas term.

What a fantastic start to the Christmas term, everyone is raring to go and pleased to be back at school.

We looked at firework safety this week and the class are all clued up and ready for any bonfire activities you may be having or visiting this weekend.

In art, we did some printmaking and learned how it is different from painting. We have to keep our tools steady on the page and not move it around. A wee bit of glitter was added for an extra bit of sparkle! They all did an excellent job I’m sure you will agree.

During reading, we played a new game called bucket dump where pupils have to pick out a card then sound out and read a nonsense word. If they pick up a bucket dump card – they lose all their cards! They had great fun building confidence reading new words. We will definitely be playing this game again!

We have been continuing to gain confidence using the new spelling scheme with lots of ideas for building bigger words from smaller words. We are continuing to learn our alphabet with this song. The class love singing along to vowel bat.

Our star handwriter of the week.IMG_20181102_093911.jpg

Our star writers of the week.IMG_20181102_094044.jpg

In maths, we have been continuing to count up to 100 – the class are really good at this now and have started to count back from 100. We have also been working out how may ways we can make a number using addition. Another group were using the answers from number sentences to separate them into  correct piles.

And last but definitely not least our star of the week!IMG_20181102_094142.jpg

End of first term

What a fabulous term, the new primary ones have settled in very nicely and the new primary twos have excelled in their responsibility to the new primary ones and in taking ownership of their learning.

Here we have the value of play in action. Pupils making a  tower as they discussed what would make it stronger and taller.


At Mulbuie Primary we have started a new way of teaching spelling, breaking each word down into sounds and syllables, using it in a sentence, creating rhymes, roots and meanings of parts of words and also what type of word it is. We look at what other words can we build up from this word or break it down to see how that part is used in other words. Here is an example of what we have been doing in class, some weeks have more words than others. The pupils are active in building the words up.dav

Primary 1s are getting used to recognising their sounds in writing. dav

We have our handwriters of the week…

We have our star writers of the week…

As a class we took part in the Ness Book Fest record breaking attempt to get Highland children read to or reading all at the same time! Here they are listening to Katie Morag. We were part of a record breaking 3479 pupils to take part!dav

In PE he have been looking at the skills involved with dribbling a ball, eye foot coordination, kicking the ball with either side of your foot, giving smaller kicks gives more control. Teamwork and sportsmanship skill were also used. They worked hard and improved control and skills over a few weeks.

Here is the promised picture of the Isle of Struay.dav

In RME we looked at the similarities and differences in different religions through their places of worship. They were all big and imposing and reaching up to God but because religions are different so were the places of worship: some were plain, some were covered in domes of gold, some looked cake, in some places you have to take of your shoes and in some males and females have separate areas. We all agreed that they were all places of respect where we could feel closer to God and our thoughts. dav

And last but definitely not least our stars of the week!