Weeks five and six

In numeracy we are still working addition. We’ve been counting by 2s, subitizing country style and counting back from 20,our class love songs! We have played Under a Rock again, concentrating on different numbers, not only 5 and 10, to reinforce bonds and increase fluency.

We have been looking where full stops should go and used this in our writing. We will be continuing this throughout the rest of the year. P1s have been gaining confidence in writing by giving it a go.

We had Mike the Farmer visit the classroom, the class were all engaged while we learned about what the animals eat when in calf or with lamb and what they like to eat once their offspring is born. We learned how animals are identified and why lambs needs to have their tails removed. The class were delighted to learn that they will be visiting his farm in March.

And we have one of our handwriters of the week ( one was absent) and star writers for the two weeks and of course, last but not least… our two stars of the week.


Week four

In maths, we’ve been playing Under a Rock, this is a great game to explore and consolidate number bonds.

We had lots of fun playing aliens and meteors in PE.

The bucket was out again during reading – if you can read the word you keep it. P1 were practising spelling and writing cvc words.

In our topic we explored how butter was made in the past and the present. We then made butter in two different ways in the classroom – in a glass jar and using an electric whisk. We then had some bread and butter with our freshly made butter.

As it is Chinese New Year on Tuesday we made dragon puppets in RME/art. The class had lots of fun playing with them afterwards. We found out which animal year we were born in – rabbit, dragon or snake and how the Chinese chose the 12 animal zodiac signs.

And, here we have have our handwriter, star writers and last but not least… our star of the week!

Week three

We’re still working on number bonds. We’ve been playing this game – they love it!

The class have been using their justification and communication skills to create a tractor/ploughing timeline while working in a group. We then looked at ploughing in the past and ploughing and tractors in the present as part of our topic this week.

For Burn’s night we read a few of his poems and we made a kilt using scissor skills with the extra challenge to remember all the instructions from start to finish! They did really well. We then listened to some ceilidh music and they had a wee dance around the class room!

We have our handwriter, star writers and last but not least… our star of the week!

Week two

We had a great PE session this week where there was excellent sportsmanship. Pupils were supporting each other, following instructions, working really hard and having a great time doing it. They were so fast, I couldn’t photograph them!

In numeracy we are still working on number bonds. We played the Space 10 rocket game again this week. They showed great team work and showed how they figured out the answer.

In our Farm to Fork topic, the class were collaborating and using their decision skills to sort food items into different piles – animal or plant. There were a few that belonged to both so they made an extra group. We found the animal group could be split up into a further two – with food being part of or from an animal.

We have been looking at Mr Nosey as part of engaging with stories containing a character with a flaw. The class focused on now, next and then when re-telling the story.

Here we have our handwriter of the week, star writers of the week and….. last but not least our star of the week!

Welcome to a new year and a new term!

A big welcome back after the holidays. We’ve had a busy first week back. We must welcome our new addition to our classroom, Robin the polar bear. He is the result of the class raising money to sponsor polar bears through the WWF. They did this by raising money by doing chores or donating their pocket money. The class chose the name through voting in stages for their favourite. Democracy in action! He sits on top of the SMART board looking down upon us. We also use him for Golden Time – you can only speak if you are holding him – everybody’s voice gets heard. He has had lots of cuddles already!

In numeracy, some have been working on adding 10 to numbers within 100, while others have been working on number bonds within 5/10/20. The class all played a game picking up practice and increasing fluency in working with number bonds to ten.

After one of our reading sessions we played a literacy game where the object is to find words with specific sounds in. The class hadn’t played it before but I think we’ll be playing it again!

Here we have our photos of our hand writer of the week and our star writers of the week. And… last but not least, is our first star of the week this year!

Final week before Christmas

Well, this term has flown by and what a lovely final week to finish on. The class and the nursery did a fantastic job at the nativity. I’m very proud of them all remembering where they should be and singing their hearts out. The class had another chance to sing at the school coffee morning, and again they did themselves proud. One parent said ‘it was lovely to see them all sing with such gusto.’ It is fabulous to get such positive feedback. Here are before and after photos from the nativity- you can see how pleased they were afterwards!

We used Mog’s Christmas Calamity as writing inspiration this week. The class looked at the sequencing of the story and what words they could use to describe the story before writing the story in their own words. The class wrote to Santa explaining why they should be on the nice list – with all the good work being kind to each other, donating food for the food bank and doing chores or donating their pocket money there is no way Santa would ever put any of my Class on the naughty list!

We had a very special visitor at the Nursery and P1-2 party. The children all had a great time, there was some amazing dance moves! I hope you all love the things the children have made for you. They worked very hard on creating them.

Enjoy your holidays, have a wonderful family Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all next year. But we must not forget out star writers of the week. They all did so well this week I found it difficult to choose – so there are three stars instead of the usual two. And last but not least, as always, our star of the week!

Week seven

This week we continued our subtraction within 100 using practical support.

We had a visit from the lovely Fiona and Lorna from Dingwall foodbank this week. They explained how people can access the food and how foodbanks provide more than food. People have access to a friendly face, a cup of tea of coffee and somewhere warm to sit while the parcel gets sorted. If you can’t afford food then you might be living in a cold house or homeless. They have details how to access other help available in the area. They showed us an example of how much food goes into a food parcel for one person for three days. Food that is donated goes to Inverness to get distributed to where it is needed, otherwise, foodbanks may¬† have lots of one type of food. Toiletries, toilet paper and pet food are needed too. The class listened very well and understood that if you don’t eat well then you have more chance of becoming ill by not having the energy to fight of any coughs and colds and imagined what it might be like to go home and there is nothing to eat.

As we have been very busy practising our nativity this week, there is no handwriter of the week. Here are our star writers of the week and last but not least…our star of the week!